Home Renovation in Anavyssos, Attica

Residence in Anavyssos, where renovation was carried out under the supervision of our company.

The installation of new vinyl flooring in the living room and kitchen completely transformed the appearance of these spaces. The bedrooms were refreshed with the installation of laminate flooring and new wardrobes. The bathrooms were thoroughly renovated with the replacement of sanitary ware and tiles. The old lighting was replaced with new concealed lighting and spotlights installed in the new gypsum board ceilings. Additionally, a pleasant change in the home’s spaces was the new interior door frames (doors). The necessary painting was done throughout the house according to the owner’s choice. Finally, new electrical and plumbing installations were made.

The exterior of the house was renewed with the placement of concrete where necessary for the new fencing. Glass railings were installed on the balconies, enhancing the exterior appearance of the house. The new fencing fully restored the privacy of the yard. Finally, the new lawn significantly upgraded the surrounding area.