A complete renovation was carried out in this villa in Varympompi.

During the time the work was being carried out, a fire was caused in the area of Varibobi and the surrounding area was burnt. All necessary actions have been taken to repair the damage caused.

Some of these are the repair of the fence and wall, replacement of the garage door with an electric one, complete restoration of the electrical and plumbing system, repair of the pergola, painting, etc.

In the interior, a complete replacement of the electrical installation was made with a new electrical panel, the bathrooms were renovated, the interior was remodeled, the oak floors were sanded and re-lacquered, the walls were repaired and painted, the exterior wooden frames were maintained and repainted with special varnish, the interior frames were maintained and in some places replaced with new ones with double glazing for thermal insulation.

Finally, a generator was re-installed to automate the power supply.

The redesign of the space led to a more usable result for everyday life.